What is your style of photography?

We do a mix of storytelling candids and tastefully arranged portraits, in a classic, timeless style. The images are crisp, real and free of trendy filters, so they won’t look dated 20 or even 100 years from now.
Most of the images will be taken in a photojournalistic style that naturally captures the emotion and the fun of the day. But when it’s portrait time, we won't make you stand in any awkward poses - our gift is making people feel comfortable in front of our cameras, which results in relaxed looking portraits. Some of our best portraits are taken spontaneously, when the subject doesn’t even realize we are taking their picture and those always turn out to be our client’s favorites.


Should my fiancee and I do a “first look” before the wedding ceremony?

We are flexible either way, but there are definitely some pros and cons to consider.
From a photography standpoint, doing a first look gives you a lot more quality picture time together. Our past clients have said that it instantly calmed their nerves to have seen each other in a quiet spot alone before the big event really got going. Plus, you’d get 99% of the “formal” wedding party/family pictures done before the ceremony, so you would be able to go to the reception much faster afterwards.
If you’d like to go the more traditional route and not see each other until you meet at the altar, you’ll need to spend a little more time right after the ceremony taking pictures together and with your families and wedding party.


Can you come to the hotel or house to take “getting ready” pictures of the bride and bridesmaids?

We can do that and usually the best time for us to arrive is the last hour of getting ready. This is when the bride is getting her final make-up touch ups and everyone is in their matching robes/PJs, right before getting into their dresses. It’s also a great time for us to get pictures of details like the wedding dress, the invitation suite, jewelry, etc.

Do we need to give you a shot list?

In our experience, we have found that shot lists can be extremely restrictive to the creativity in the photos. It can quickly turn into a time consuming experience where you’re stuck in a seemingly endless assembly line of posed photo combos. That’s probably not what you have envisioned for your wedding day and not really what you hired us to do, which is artistically capture the real moments as they unfold. So, in order to get the type of photos you see in our portfolio, we prefer to not be tied down to an extensive shot list.
However, we do want to know ahead of time who the main players are at your wedding, for those traditional group photos - and we’ll collaborate with you to make sure that we nail those shots! How do we do this? Instead of asking you to come up with a shot list, we have you fill out a wedding information form online that lists out your parents, steps, grands, siblings (w/their spouses and kids, if applicable) and the wedding party. As the wedding day approaches and timelines are being set, we will use that info to send you or your wedding planner an outline of those specific group & individual photos, who will be needed and at what time.
By keeping it very streamlined and simple, the organized photo-taking part of your day is actually quite enjoyable, thorough and chaos-free.
The only additional info we would need would be any group pictures you would like done at the reception, such as college friends, work friends, etc. You’ll also want to keep those to a minimum, so that you don’t miss out on valuable dance floor time. In the end, we want you to look back on your wedding day as magical and not as an all day photo shoot!


How much time should we block off for the *pre-ceremony and post-ceremony group photos?

If you do not do a first look, then we’ll need 45 minutes with the bride’s side and 30 minutes with the groom’s side. Right after the ceremony, we would need 30-40 minutes to get pics of the bride & groom together with the wedding party, the extended and immediate families and then alone as a couple.

If you do a first look, we generally need about 90-120 minutes (depending on the size of your wedding party) before the ceremony to get all of the bride & groom/family/wedding party photos. After the ceremony, you can go directly to the reception!

*Pre-ceremony pictures must be finished 30 minutes before the ceremony start time, so that the groomsmen can usher guests and the bride can hide.


Can you photograph the rehearsal dinner, too?

Yes and Greg would be your official rehearsal dinner photographer. He’ll be there for 3-4 hours, which is enough time to cover the cocktail hour, dinner, speeches, toasts, roasts and anything else that happens. Please contact us for pricing details.

Are parents’ albums included in the wedding package?

Parent albums are not included, but can be purchased at any time after the wedding. We leave it open for the parents to decide on, as some would like an album and others just want prints to frame. We offer several album and print size options for parents and anyone else who would like to have a memento of the day.